Tools for Musical Expression

Hello! As an indie developer, I craft high-quality code for digital instruments and effects, aiming to spark creativity in music production. This journey blends my love for music with the excitement of exploring new sonic possibilities in code. It's all about offering unique tools that encourage artists to push their creative boundaries.

Mi-03 Bassline

A unique take on the classic acid bassline sound.

The Mi-03 is an instrument that revitalizes the classic 303 sound for today's music producers.

Modern Quality Sound.
Powered by a high-quality, alias-free waveform engine, offering both the original's renowned tones and additional shape options for extended sound design capabilities.
Classic Rave.
Includes an enhanced sequencer for creating recognisably acid patterns, alongside a user-friendly interface for effortless integration into any production setup.
Built in distortion.
Ideal for various music genres, the Mi-03 excels in producing detailed basslines and leads. Notably, it features a built-in distortion engine with flexible routing, adding a layer of grit and character to your sounds.
iPad (AUv3) iPad App store
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Mix Rebalance

AI-powered stem separation.

MixRebalance separates stems from mixed audio using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. Export the separate drum, bass, music, or vocal tracks, or rebalance the mix and export the mixed audio.

Uses the latest (v4) demucs Hybrid Transformer based source separation model.
High-quality output.
Prioritises quality over speed, so it will be quite slow on long samples.
Apple Silicon.
Currently, requires macOS 14.2 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.
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Expressive Handpan Simulation

A virtual (Hang) handpan-style instrument with expressive control and unique custom synthesis engine.

Physically-inspired perceptual model.
Features a unique sound engine that recreates the special sound of handpan-style instruments with physical modeling synthesis.
Expressive control.
Multi-touch interface with full control over timbre and velocity.
Recreates that special sound.
Producing soothing, resonant tones and vibration. Calming sounds promote relaxation, focus and mindfulness.
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